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SN-CWA 17553:2020




4-layer reusable face mask for everyday activities

Non-medical face mask with 4-layer filtration system.

Outer layer and Inner layer: Prevents "Mask" (mask acne) . The face mask consists of 4 parts, and where the outer and inner fabric is made of woven yarn in polypropylene that contains the Parx technology that has been patented in 43 countries so far. It is also ISO and JIS certified (ISO-22196ISO22196 and JIS Z2801). The Parx technology Saniconcentrate ™ is based on trace elements from zinc. Read more about the unique technology here.

The technology makes the non-woven fabric allergy and skin friendly. The pattern of the non-woven fabric also gives a siphon effect (breathable system) which reduces clamminess and sweating.

Filtration layer; layers two and three consist of PTFE Nanofilm and ES fiber filter which both contribute to meeting bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) ≥ 70% and 90%, as specified in CWA 17553:2020.


Prevents impurities / acne and dry skin.


100% sustainable


Normal washing sequence in washing bag.


Same preformance eash time, last at least 200 washin cycles.


No, the face mask does not protect the user as it is not a personal protective equipment. The antibacterial technology only prevents the growth of bacteria in contact with the mouthpiece. This means that you can safely put on the face maske without this posing a special danger. 

Bacterial filtration efficiency, also known as the abbreviation BFE, is a measure of how much bacteria is released from you as a wearer to the environment. BFE greater than or equal to 70% therefore means that the face mask filters out 70% of the bacteria you release when you breathe, cough or sneeze. The same goes for 90%. Our face mask meets the requirements for both of the above percentages. 

This is a standard that CWA published in 2020, and is a guide for the use of face masks for use in public spaces - Guide to minimum requirements, test methods and use. Our face masks follow this standard and can be safely used in public spaces. 

We recommend that the mask is used during everyday activities or in places where it is difficult to keep a good distance. 

If you are going to be away from work or other places that require a face mask, we recommend keeping the face mask flat and dry between uses. Feel free to use the zip lock bag that the product comes in. Wash the face mask if it gets dirty or very wet.

As the outer and inner layers are made of woven antibacterial material, we recommend washing 2-3 times a week, or if the face mask gets wet or dirty. When washing, we recommend the use of a washing bag and a normal washing sequence of 60 degrees. 

Find your size

Optimal and comfortable fit with an internal nose clip, available in 3 different sizes to suit children & adults.

A: Measure from the outer edge of the cheekbones, over to the same point on the opposite side.

B: Measure well below the tip of the chin to above the tip of the nose. 

  • Small (Children) – A: 14cm  B: 10cm
  • Medium – A: 21.5cm B: 13cm
  • Large – A: 25cm B: 14.5cm



Parx Materials Saniconcentrate ™ is a technology based on making plastic surfaces resistant to the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi. ZincIn works closely with Parx Materials, and you can read about tests and approvals of different products against different ISO standards on their website. 


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