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The world's first cloth mask with FFP2 certification, integrated filters and without biocides

Made with a non-toxic self-cleaning technology based on trace elements of zinc and patented in 44 countries to date.

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Norwegian design with a focus on the environment and sustainability

– Can be used on flights
– 4-layers filtrering system
– Eco-friendly

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By 2020, 1.56 billion disposable masks ended up in the ocean

No one can do everything, but everyone can do a little! Read more at Hold Norge Rent here

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Reviews from some of our customers

Replace disposable face mask or FFP2 respirator mask with our environmentally friendly Hygienic Half Mask, an FFP2 mask in fabric for reuse that can be washed at 60 degrees. Norwegian design and focus on quality, and also includes the technology Clean + Protect ™. Delivered by ZincIn AS - for a better environment!

Products made with Clean+Protect™ include a patented biocompatible technology that makes the materials resistant to bacteria, viruses (incl. SARS-CoV-2, Corona virus), molds and biofilm.


FFP2 certification - EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009. See more information under FAQ below.

4-layer filtration

The outer layer and inner layer prevent so-called "maskne" or mask acne. Filtration layers 2 and 3 consist of PTFE Nanofilm filter and ES fiber filter.

Unique Technology

Non-toxic self-cleaning technology based on trace elements of zinc and patented in 44 countries to date.

No toxic chemicals

Contains no toxic or harmful to health and environmental chemicals.

Adjustable ear straps

Tightening function on the straps behind the ears.

Nose clip

Strong nose clip to reduce dew on glasses.

Therapist and nurse

Articles related masks and respirator equipment

Article about Hygienic Half Mask

Article that explains the difference between FFP- masks, surgical masks and cloth masks. 

New study: FFP2 mask much safer than face mask


What is FFP2?

Excerpt from EN 149:2001+A1:2009:
A particle filtering half mask covers the nose, mouth and chin and may have inhalation and / or exhalation valve (s). The half mask consists wholly or partly of filter material or has a face part where the main filter (s) form a non-removable part of the unit. It is intended to provide adequate sealing to the user's face against ambient air, when the skin is dry or damp, and when the head is moving. Air enters the particle filtering half mask and flows directly to the nose and mouth area of ​​the face or via one or more inhalation valves, if fitted. Exhaled air flows through the filter material and / or an exhalation valve directly to the ambient air. These devices are designed to protect against aerosols (both droplets and particles in the air).

how often to wash hygienic half mask?

Vaskes ved behov. Ved vask anbefaler vi bruk av vaskepose og normal vaskesekvens på 60 grader. Ut ifra standarden EN 149:2001+A1:2009 kan man ved enkelte tilfeller få den partikkelfiltrerende halvmasken godkjent for gjenbruk, men dette forutsetter at man følger 8.4 og 8.5 i.h.t i denne. Se utvidet informasjon under CE-sertifikat og oppdatert bruksanvisning. 

Where can you use this half mask?

Hygienic Half Mask can be used as part of your uniform in various occupations that require respiratory protection. We have customer groups such as doctors, nurses, the construction industry. pilots and cabin crew, professional drivers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, dermatologists and hairdressers. In addition, Hygienic Half Mask is very popular among people who travel by plane or other public transport.

** Cost pr. day is based on a 10-day journey and with the correct use of the different types of masks / face masks listed in the table.


Hygienic Half Mask is equipped with two integrated filters that can neither be nor should be replaced. The half mask can be washed at 60 degrees, can withstand a minimum of 200 washes in a wash bag, and has a strong nose clip that reduces dew on glasses and tightening function on the straps behind the ears for optimal fit to your face.

Problems with pimples after using a face mask?

Hygienic Half Mask can help with «maskne»!

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The fabric / material in Hygienic Half Mask is made to reduce skin irritations and friction that occurs when wearing a face mask for a long time. Our half mask therefore does not irritate the skin and reduces the accumulation of impurities .

Hygienic Half Mask has a built-in non-toxic self-cleaning technology. Clean + Protect ™, which is the trademark of the technology itself, is produced using the skin's own defense mechanism and is based on trace element zinc (which is known for its wound healing property).

The nonwoven pattern also provides a siphon effect (breathable system) that reduces dampness and sweating, and has a water-repellent property.

Hygienic Half Mask feels light and soft against the skin. 

In general, "mask" is an umbrella term for several skin conditions that can be caused by face masks. This may include:

  • Acne: Acne occurs when the pores are clogged by, for example, oil, dead skin cells and / or other particles.
  • Rosacea: If you have rosacea, using a bandage can result in a worsening
  • Contact dermatitis or contact dermatitis: The condition occurs when you are allergic or sensitive to the material that is in contact with the skin. It can cause rash, irritation, and / or blisters.
  • Folliculitis: Infections of the hair follicles and appear as bumps in the skin with a pimple-like appearance. It can be very painful.

Find your size

Optimal and comfortable fit with internal nose clip.

Available in two different sizes:

A: Measure from the outer edge of the cheekbones, over to the same point on the opposite side.

B: Measure well below the tip of the chin to above the tip of the nose. 

  • Medium – A: 21.5cm B: 13cm
  • Large – A: 25cm B: 14.5cm

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