Download a temporary certificate here for use on travel or in other situations where proof of certification is needed or follow the steps below to see the certificate through the certification body. 

Download the extended user manual with all information about the product, use and maintenance.

Open Applus here

Open the website by clicking on this box and follow the instructions further on this website.

Type in ZincIn AS

Enter ZincIn AS in the field market with number 1 shown in the picture below.

Click search

When you click search on the page, a box will appear below where it says ZincIn AS and all our contact information, as well as the certificate on our masks.

Expand the arrow

Expand the arrow to see the certificate and download it. You can use this link if you are going on a trip or are stopped in another check with our masks.

On Monday 13 September, Hygienic Half Mask achieved FFP2 certification. Below you will find a guide on how to find the certificate and the document signed with relevant info in relation to the CE number etc. 

FFP2-certified masks protect both ways and have been tested for their ability to filter from the outside in towards the person wearing the mask. Recommended in healthcare, and also for people who work in environments where there is a lot of pollution or particles in the air. An important milestone has now been reached for us, and it is also gratifying that Keep Norway Clean contributes to promoting this news and this product. See the organisation Hold Norge Rent recommendations here.Our goal has always been to create a product that contributes to reduced littering. In addition, the product possesses a non-toxic technology which has been named Clean + Protect ™. This technology has so far been patented in 44 countries and has a positive effect on the skin, in addition to reducing viruses and bacteria (tested and approved against SARS-CoV-2, Corona virus). Hygienic Half Mask can now be used on travel (also flights), clinics / hospitals, in food production, and in many craft industries (ref. As a dust mask).

ZincIn AS is the company that owns Hygienic Half Mask and all associated certifications, and we hope that this product can make a positive contribution in relation to a reduced use of disposable face masks / masks in the public space (which we know leads to a lot of extra littering). Studies / reports estimate that in 2020, 1.53 billion disposable mouthpieces ended up in the sea. Fortunately, it is now reopening. Work and travel safer and more environmentally friendly with Hygienic Half Mask.